Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Afraid To Love

Luke Ford writes:

People with a strong sense of self are less afraid to love. They don’t need to know that they will be loved back equally.

I have a weak sense of self. I find out who I am through the reactions I get from others. I write to get reactions. I say things to get reactions. I do things to get reactions.

If you take two days to call me back, I want to take at least three days to return your call.

If you don’t seem excited to see me, I don’t want to seem excited to see you.

If I am sure you are committed to me and exclusive to me, then I can be committed to you. But if you are not devoted to me, I’m not going to be devoted to you. I’m going to wander. There are so many great girls out there who will snap me up.

I see monogamy as a commitment to you. I want to see monogamy as a commitment to myself.


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