Friday, July 16, 2010

By Fire, By Water II

Luke Ford writes:

Luke: “What has felt like home?”

Mitchell: “Hmm. I’ve had many places that have been homes…but I can’t say that any place in the world is really my home.”

Luke: “Except perhaps literature?”

Mitchell: “Yes. I must say, Luke, I wasn’t expecting this kind of question. Fine with me but I feel like I am revealing a lot about myself here. The interviews that I’ve had so far have not gone this direction but I know that you’re a special kind of guy.”

Luke: “Where were you in the social pecking order in high school?”

Mitchell: “I was outside of it completely. I got very good grades. I earned some respect from some people for that. I was very socially awkward. That’s another reason I could find comfort with books.”

Luke: “When you graduated Yale, what did you most want to accomplish with your life?”

Mitchell: “I wanted to be a writer.

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