Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kundalini Yoga Vs Alexander Technique

Luke Ford writes

A lot of people ask me at yoga how I reconcile my yoga with my Orthodox Judaism.

“I don’t,” is my favorite response. I prefer to respect the integrity of the two systems and I don’t bother with integrating them. I have next to no interest in Jewish mysticism and next to no interest in the theory behind the yoga I’m doing.

I don’t take yoga that seriously. I do it because it feels good. It’s a pleasant change from my hovel. Yoga smells good, looks good, is filled with good-looking people, and everybody is nice to me and I don’t feel like a right wally there.

I wish somebody would ask me how I reconcile my yoga with my Alexander Technique. There’s a ripe field for discussion.

In many ways, Alexander and yoga are opposites. Kundalini Yoga, the brand of yoga I practice, is all about breath manipulation aka conscious breathing. Alexander Technique is against breath manipulation. It favors unconscious breathing.


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