Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Torah Portion Va'etchanan II

Luke Ford writes: A convert to Orthodox Judaism at age 16 (under the auspices of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein), Jacob Stein writes the Jewish Philosopher blog.

My favorite post of his is about how to catch secret Orthodox atheists. It should be required reading for those in the heresy detection business.

What strikes me about Jacob’s work is how exact it is and how much of himself he puts online. He writes: “I am including here detailed biographical information about myself because I want to demonstrate that I feel strongly about the truthfulness of the ideas in my blog and I am willing to stake my reputation on my posts.”

Jacob says he was raised in New City, New York, by Lutherans of German descent who hated Jews.

In our interview, he refers to his “birth” parents and to his “adoptive” parents. He never describes his adoptive parents as simply his parents.

Jacob says that at about age ten, his adoptive parents lost interest in him and his brother. Perhaps as a result, Jacob began exploring religion.

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