Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why I Love Hypocrisy

Luke Ford writes

If you are public about who you are, you can get away with less. People are always quick to call out bad behavior by Jews or Christians or Muslims or anyone else who wears their identity on their sleeve (if that identity carries with it a defined behavioral system).

People would act a lot better in public if they walked around and drove around with big name tags.

I don’t praise the bad driving of this believer in Jesus, but I think it is great that he publicly identifies with a group because people will then be more likely to call him out on stuff.

It’s like those employees who drive with vehicles that prominently list a phone number to call if you are concerned about the person’s driving.

If a secular person with no public identity had cut off my Facebook friend, she would not have made a Facebook status update complaining about people who don’t publicly identify with a values system. Nobody would comment that a person with no public identity should practice what he’s preaching because people with no public identification to a values system aren’t preaching anything and therefore they can get away with more bad behavior.


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