Sunday, August 21, 2011

Evolution Of Alexander Technique

Luke Ford writes

Robert: “He was speaking in large halls where there was no PA system and often these halls were filled with rowdy tin miners. He wanted to project his voice to the back of the hall and in attempting to do that, he exaggerated some patterns he had in the rest of his life and this caused his hoarseness.”

Tom: “When there’s some rigorous activity we do, the habit becomes more pronounced. More exacerbated but it is probably going on all the time.”

Robert: “What Alexander noticed about himself in the context of being a reciter is applicable to all of us in our everyday activities.”

Tom: “Alexander discovered a way that was helpful not only for breathing but for everything we do. He figured out a way to [stop doing things that get in our way] — inhibition. It’s a neuro-muscular term (not a Freudian term) where you can say to yourself, I’m not going to do the thing that harms me. I’m going to choose something that is better for me.”

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