Sunday, August 21, 2011

Michelle Bachmann Gets Better And Better

Luke Ford writes

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “Michelle Bachmann is better and better each day, which is a big deal. It means a lot of things, including intelligence. It’s hard for a mediocre mind to adapt. It takes a facile mind to adapt. This is my new challenge. I will rise to it. It means she has a clear mind. She’s somebody to watch.”

“In tennis, you have to get the ball over the net. In politics, you have to inspire people to support you.”

“Rick Perry presented a grand vision for America. I found the delivery stilted. Michelle Bachmann has a fluent presentation of herself.”

“There are three great problems with Mitt Romney. One. He has changed his positions on a number of fundamental matters. Two. What is his grand vision? Third. Romneycare. I will go to my grave why Mitt Romney did not say, I tried it. It failed. Nobody knows better than I that government intervention in healthcare is a catastrophe. But he never says that.”

“I don’t know Rick Perry. I know the success of Texas.”

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