Sunday, August 21, 2011

Transform Your Life On The Cheap

Luke Ford writes

Are you interested in inexpensive acupuncture? YoSan (on Washington Blvd in Culver City) and Emperors College (in Santa Monica) have community clinics that charge about $40 per session.

You can get low-cost psycho-therapy from $16 on up (depending on your stated income) at the Southern California Counseling Center on Pico Blvd.

There are lots of great 12-step recovery groups in Los Angeles, including:

* Sexaholics Anonymous (strong religious overtones, pushes no sex outside of marriage, no masturbation, overwhelmingly men go to this, some Orthodox Jews)

* Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (You set your own boundaries of the behavior you want to drop. Even mix of men and women.)

* Sex Addicts Anonymous (mainly men)

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