Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pico-Robertson Gets A New Shul

Luke Ford writes

Email: With great and bursting praise to the Almighty, we formally announce the beginning of the New LINK Shul – an offshoot of the LINK Kollel.

Where will the shul be located?
In our Kollel, 1453 Robertson – corner of Saturn and Robertson. It is a beautiful space with a backyard area, two classrooms and a gorgeous sanctuary. We are in the process of beautiful renovations as well.

When does it start?
The 1st minyan begins with Shacharis on Thursday, September 1st at 6:45am. In general, Mon. and Th. mornings will be at 6:45am, Tues., Wed. and Fri. will be at 7am and Sun. at 8:15am.The 1st Shabbos minyan will begin on September 9-10th. Fri. Mincha will be 15 minutes before sundown; Shabbos mornings will start at 9am. We will have Mincha Sun. thru Th. at 2:15pm and Maariv at 9:30pm. There will also be a Mincha/ Maariv combined, beginning 15 minutes before sunset.

What are the membership costs?
Free. That’s correct. We certainly welcome and need donations, but we hope b’ezras Hashem for as long as we can, to keep the membership all free. 

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