Thursday, August 11, 2011

How To Breathe Easily And Naturally

Luke Ford writes: I’m listening to a podcast interview by Robert Rickover of singer and Alexander Technique teacher Georgia Dias.

She describes the Technique as “a way of achieving the best results with your body with the minimum of muscular effort. It’s a way of waking up the connections of mind and body.”

“My breathing completely changed as I did less and less with it.”

“Every singer, every instrumentalist is taught how to breathe and we all have our ideas of how to breathe, through meditation people try to get better, solve problems, through breathing better.

“As a dedicated singer, I did my breathing exercises every day. I come from this generation where belly breathing is taught all over. Now people know better. I could only get rid of this idea when my Alexander teacher told me, ‘Use your common sense. Where are your lungs?’

“All these ideas of breathing low into your belly, you’re interfering with breath. When I could get rid of all that interference, all of my breathing, my whole mechanism, started to breathe the way it wanted to breathe.”

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