Monday, July 25, 2011

Are There More Acceptable/Less Acceptable Topics For Writing?

Luke Ford writes: I go through my life offending people. It’s a talent I inherited from my father.

I wonder how I’d do with an MFA program in writing? I wonder how much there is an “This is acceptable, but that isn’t” mentality? I wonder how much there is such a mentality in book publishing? I know that George Gilder couldn’t find a mainstream publisher for his great book Sexual Suicide. Most of the major publishing houses are heavily influenced by feminism.

If someone says to a highly paid public speaker after his talk, “That offends me,” the odds are ten to one that the complainer is a woman.

I struggle to not be emotionally blackmailed by other people invoking the “I’m offended” shtick. Feeling offended is a feeling and that is between you and your therapist. I don’t want to bend to it.

I will sometimes bend to it in a classroom or a workspace or in a living arrangement or some deal where we’re stuck together on a regular basis and I don’t want your aggravation. 

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