Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Like Laughing Girls

Luke Ford writes: My favorite way to connect is through conversation.

When I meet a girl and we can talk for hours, that is the best sign that we are meant for each other. Table tennis comes and go but conversation remains.

I think that the more we have in common, the easier it is for us to converse.

I once dated a girl who did not speak English beyond a few words such as “condom.” I did not speak Spanish beyond a few words such as “por favor.”

I look back on our weeks together in 1994 with fond memories, but though we had good times, I do not believe they would have necessarily provided the firm foundation for lasting commitment.

All the girls I like talking to enjoy laughing. The easier and freer they laugh, the better. Laughing girls are less likely to say things like “I’m offended” or “stop” or “quit” or “don’t”.

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