Saturday, July 16, 2011

No More Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Luke Ford writes: I could be wrong. I could be humiliated any day now with a crushing relapse. I’ve had these experiences before where I thought my CFS was no more and then I just got crushed for weeks on end.

Despite this, I feel like my CFS is over.

What caused this turnaround? My CPAP machine, which I started using in early February. I’m getting about the same amount of sleep a night, I think, but with the CPAP, I’m getting benefit from my sleep. I don’t wake up with headaches from oxygen deprivation, etc.

I’m only getting about four hours of sleep a night (out of about nine hours spent a night in bed, I do understand that our perception of how much sleep we get is often wildly inaccurate), so I have to work on that by following the usual recommendations for good sleep hygiene.

I was greatly helped by this book, The Harvard Medical School’s Guide To A Good Night’s Sleep.

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