Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feel Like A Million Dollars

Luke Ford writes: I’m listening to this Lifelong Success program by Igor Ledochowski.

I can’t believe I’ve listened to lecture number six on self-esteem three times!

Normally I can’t be bothered to listen to anything on self-esteem. I loathe the topic. I can’t stand talk about self-love.

But Igor Ledochowski got through to me when he made the point that when you feel solid in an area of your life, nothing people can say to you in that area can hurt you. You’re solid. You’re impervious to people putting you down in that area. You just feel sorry for people who try to shake your confidence in that area.

If you’re at peace with yourself in a part of your life, you can’t be bothered by the comments of others. This has nothing to do with being perfect, it is all about being at peace with yourself.

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