Monday, July 25, 2011

Michelle Bachman's Migraines

Luke Ford writes: I read this news report yesterday and thought, “She’s toast.”

I don’t get how someone can be routinely incapacitated by stress and serve as president of the United States.

Perhaps she just needs Alexander Technique lessons?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “Michelle Bachman is the latest person to drive the liberal news media nuts. The latest is that she migraine headaches. John F. Kennedy had a back condition and took pills for that.

“Migraine headaches? And therefore what? Therefore she’s incapacitated from being president?

“Then they have an ABC reporter running at the bus on which Michelle Bachman is located and some of her aides manhandled him… It’s astonishing to me that that is what he was running at the bus to ask her. ‘Do you have migraine headaches?’ Anybody who watches ABC News gets a migraine. Sometimes you have to treat these people with the humorous contempt they deserve.”

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