Monday, July 25, 2011

I Love Ease, Poise, Grace, Energy

Luke Ford writes: When do I feel at ease? When I have a harmonious head, neck, back relationship. When my neck is free so that my head can release forward and up and my back can lengthen to widen, then I feel poised. I have a long spine and my head is balanced on top. If my head leans too far forward or back or to the side to the extent that this feels normal and balanced to me, then I have a problem.

I feel at ease when I am not over-striding, when my feet fall under me when I walk, and my head is leading my body into length, my head is leading my movement, all of my movement starts with my head, and my knees are going forwards at all points in my stride, then I’m likely to generate upward thrust throughout my torso and I’m just flowing up as I move rather than collapsing down.

Each emotion is only possible with a certain alignment of the musculature. Ease, anger, fright, contempt etc all correspond to and require a certain alignment of the body. No such alignment, no such emotion. 

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