Sunday, July 17, 2011

People Take Offense Too Easily

Luke Ford writes: If you use the phrase, “I’m offended” or “That’s offensive”, I want nothing to do with you.

I’ve worked hard to create a life where I can say what I want. As I live this vision, I encounter increasingly few people with the temerity to tell me they’re offended by things I say.

Nobody in Pico-Robertson, for example, gives me a hard time to my face. They’re too afraid of my blog.

Still, the easily offended pop up in my world from time to time. To the best of my ability, I shut them down right quick. I ain’t going to be emotionally blackmailed into swallowing my views to accommodate your delicate sensibilities, even if you’re hot.

I’ve gotta say that women are at least five times more likely to take offense than men. Somehow much of the fairer sex think their exquisite feelings entitle them to shut down troublesome views.

In many contexts, I restrict myself. In shul, in school, and in the workplace, I put my desire to get along above my desire to speak my mind. 

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