Friday, July 22, 2011

Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue Makes Me Feel Alive

Luke Ford writes: When I hear the music, I don’t feel abandoned. Instead, I feel like my life is full and rich and exciting. I have so many plans and projects. I want to step into my cold shower, go for my 30-minute walk listening to Laura Hillenbrand‘s latest book on CD, perhaps bounce up and down for a minute and break into a run for a block or two, then prepare my delicious orange smoothie with Metamucil and sip it while I read the news online and finally launch into my day.

I’m ready to tackle the most difficult subjects. Perhaps I’ll just free write in my journal. Then I might listen back to my last therapy session and then launch into some blog posts. I’ll keep the really embarrassing ones on private for now, perhaps publish edited versions later.

This is great. I’m not thinking about sex. I haven’t had any in more than a year and that’s fine. 

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