Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sometimes I'm Introverted, Sometimes Extroverted

Luke Ford writes: Sexual norms are universal. Every community has sexual norms. If you deviate dramatically and publicly from those norms, that will usually overtake every other identity you have.

If you were convicted of getting oral from a 15-year old girl, people will think of you as a child molester. If you made one sexually charged movie and then everything else was as benign as Disney, you’ll be widely known as a pornographer. You could blog about 20 different topics, but if one of them is the p*** industry, then that is how you’ll be known.

We only have a small amount of space in our heads for 99% of people in our lives. We give them one primary identity. They’re either a teacher or a mother or a clergyman or a sports fan.

I was thinking this morning that I wanted to ask my friend, “Do I look like I write on the p*** industry?”

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