Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Lunch That Changed My Life

Luke Ford writes:


In December of 1979, I was part-way through eighth grade at the Seventh-Day Adventist Pacific Union College Elementary school in Angwin, CA, 94508.

My father taught in the college’s Religion department but he was being shipped with my mother to Washington D.C. to prepare a defense of his heretical views. (Read the Wikipedia entry.)

I thought I was condemned to move too and I didn’t like that. I felt that every time I started to get halfway close to people, we had to move. I moved all around in my first four years while my mother Gwen was dying of bone cancer and I had various care-givers.

Then my father remarried and we all moved to England for 18 months so dad could do a Ph.D. at Manchester University. We returned to Avondale College in Australia in 1972. I was six.

My dad followed Ellen G. White‘s teachings about holding kids out of school for as long as possible. I finally started my formal education in second grade at age eight. I think this late start severely cost me in developing social skills.


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