Friday, July 15, 2011

Remembering Dr. Zane Kime

Luke Ford writes:

My family has been lucky enough to have been adopted many times over our lives.

It was 1977 that I first remember hearing the name “Zane Kime.” He was a medical doctor in California who was researching the danger of refined oils.

My parents were very interested in his work. We were all Seventh-Day Adventists and fervor about a healthy vegetarian diet is a religious value in the church.

Upon moving to the Napa Valley in May 1977, my parents and I got to hang out a lot with the Kimes at their home in Penryn, California (near Sacramento). They were so good to us.

When my father was dismissed from the Seventh-Day Adventist in August 1980, he received many job offers. He decided to take up the one extended to him by our friend Zane Kime. We moved to Auburn, California, and we set up the non-denominational evangelical Christian Good News Unlimited foundation.

It was a Saturday night at the Kime’s house that I learned to kiss.

January 1, 1983. Sugar Bowl night. Penn State defeated Georgia and Herschel Walker 27-23. The Kimes hosted a party for us kids. I was in my junior year of high school. I was introduced to this freshman girl. A blonde. Great body. Acne face.

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